Alexander “Sandy” Mathes, Jr.
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Interactive Newsletter Provides Insights and Updates Concerning Numerous Projects

April 12, 2017 (ONEONTA, NY) – Working in partnership with the design team at Paperkite Creative, Alexander “Sandy” Mathes, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of Otsego Now, has launched the inaugural edition of what will be a quarterly e-newsletter. Mr. Mathes introduced the newsletter, saying “Our overall goal is to keep the citizens of Otsego County and our valued partners fully ‘in the loop’ as we develop and advance initiatives targeting transformational development.” The goal of the newsletter is to provide high-level, brief updates concerning Otsego Now’s projects and activities, with live links that will allow users to explore topics more deeply online, so that residents have real-time access to development-related information.
Mr. Mathes explained further that Otsego Now wants to increase the transparency of how economic development happens, and reflected on some of the challenges of Otsego Now’s mission, stating, “Economic development in rural areas is a lot like making sausage. Sometimes sweet, and other times hot. You grind up lots of ideas, and concepts, create a vision and combine for hopeful success. Names change, concepts shift, visions adjust and in the end, with a dedicated commitment, success will be achieved. Sometimes the process gets a little messy as you disturb old traditions, initiate change and disrupt status quo. It takes perseverance, trust in the vision, leadership, and community fortitude. Working together, with the whole community’s benefit and future our focus, we will succeed.”
Updates on the Oneonta DRI process, site development and other initiatives can be found on the e-newsletter, as well as information on grants and upcoming events. Interested parties can subscribe to the e-newsletter by visiting, and archived newsletters may be found at
The next e-newsletter is slated for July 1, 2017.

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Otsego Now is an umbrella economic development organization made up of the County of Otsego Industrial Development Agency (COIDA), the Otsego County Capital Resource Corporation (OCCRC), and the Otsego Now Regional Workforce Training Center. COIDA is a non-profit public benefit agency, and OCCRC is a local development corporation. Both organizations share a mission to facilitate the creation of new job opportunities in the county, both by helping existing businesses expand and by attracting new businesses. COIDA and OCCRC are governed by the actions of their Board of Directors, who are appointed by the Chair of the county legislature. The agencies comprising Otsego Now are self-funded and are not offices or departments of the Otsego County government.